When you have just had a baby it is hard to know what you need, and what you don’t.  Some things make your life easier, some are just a waste of money, some are just a matter of personal choice.

What we have done here is reviewed the best baby products and let you know our findings, so you can decide whether or not they are right for you.

Traveling with a baby adds a whole new dimension on to life, and if this is your first baby, you will be amazed at the amount of products available for you.  Carrying around a little one involves a lot of planning and preparation, but once you know what you are doing, it can work really well.

Staying Overnight

If you are going away and planning on staying overnight anywhere, you need to think about where your baby will sleep.


These are suitable from newborn, and are highly portable.  You can use a bassinet either at home or whilst traveling, so they are versatile.  They are fairly small, which can be good if space is at a premium, and the base of the bassinet is quite high, making it easy to get a newborn in and out.  However, because they are small, they only last a few short months, and then you will need to invest in a travel cot or crib.


These again are suitable from newborn, but will generally last until your child is about 3, so you get a reasonable amount of time out of them.  Unlike the bassinet, baby is usually very low down, almost on the floor in a travel crib, so it can be harder to get a newborn in or out.  Also, because they cater for a longer time, travel cribs are bigger than bassinets, once they are made up, but many pack up quite small for traveling.


This really is a matter of personal choice

  • Generally a bassinet with be cheaper, but it will last for a shorter amount of time, so you will need to purchase a travel crib when your baby is 6 months old, this can be good as it spreads out the purchases over time.
  • The bassinet is higher, so if leaning over to pick baby up from floor level is a problem, if perhaps you have had a cesarean, a bassinet will make this easy.
  • A travel crib can often also work as a playard when your child is older, which gives you peace of mind.


Once your child has outgrown a travel crib, you may want to consider a toddler travel bed, for those times when you go away, and need them.  These are suitable for ages 2-6, and again pack up small for traveling.

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