BabyHome Air Bassinet Review

Are you looking for a crib for your baby that will comfortably fit in next to your bed, but will also last longer than most other bassinets, until you move on to a portable crib/playard?

We have spent some time reviewing the Baby Home Air Bassinet, and I think you’ll find it is one very nice bit of kit.

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The important things you need to know:

What Age is it Suitable for?

From birth, through until 6 months, is the most you are going to get to use this.  Because once your little one can sit up, or pull himself up, he needs to be out of here.  This bassinet lasts longer than others because the mattress is lower down (about 12 inches off the floor).

Will It Work Well Next To My Bed?

I think you will find the height of the bassinet, which stands at 29” should work quite well by the side of your bed.  Go measure up just to be sure though!

How Safe Is it?

The Air Bassinet is made from very sturdy fabric, and you can feel the quality of the whole crib.   The mattress is made from breathable fabric, and it fits snuggly so there are no gaps.  The bassinet is very secure on the legs as well.

You will have no concerns about your little one sleeping in here.

How Light and Portable is it?air bassinet bag

The bassinet weighs only 13lb, so pretty light, and it packs up into a handy carry bag.  However, this bag is only a cover, not heavy duty, so I don’t recommend taking it on a plane.  It would be fine on a car journey though.

How Easy Is it to Assemble?

The Air Bassinet is really not that easy to assemble the first time, and it will probably put you off ever taking it apart again, until your baby is too big to use it!  The fabric fits very snugly over the frame (which is a good feature), but it makes it hard to assemble.  Lining up the zippers can be a challenge.  However it must get easier, because the girl in the BabyHome video manages to assemble it very easily, and in only 3 ½ minutes.

What About Moving It Around the Home?

air bassinetThe Air Bassinet really comes in to its own here, as the feet can be transformed in to wheels. This then makes it very easy to move the crib around.  Just a click of a button to make this happen.

Can You Rock the Bassinet?

There is also an option of converting the feet to a rocker, so you can gently move the crib to help baby get to sleep.  It doesn’t rock really hard, but it’s enough. This is very simple to change.

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How Comfortable Is The Mattress?

Like all mattresses in bassinets, it feels thin, but babies seem to sleep very well in this, because they’re not very heavy.  The mattress is made of foam, and is airtight, there is no chance of baby finding a gap between the mattress and bassinet.

Is It Washable?

Yes, it is possible to remove all the fabric and wash it, just need to take it apart and re-assemble it again though!

How Easily Can I See Baby In Here?

air bassinetThere is a mesh window on both sides of the crib, that are held in place with magnets.  The idea being that Velcro is noisy and disturbs baby, and that is a great feature.   The idea really is for us parents to look in on baby from a distance so we don’t disturb the little one, but it works both ways.

Babies also like the side mesh, which is not only a safety feature, allowing air flow through the bassinet, but it also allows them to see.  The mesh is sturdy enough that baby fingers can’t get stuck in the fabric.

Any Other Cool Features?

air bassinet changing matThere is a changing mat which can be zipped to the side of the bassinet.  This then folds inside the crib when you want to use it.  Quite nifty, but if you don’t unzip it, it then covers over one of the windows with the mesh fabric!  I personally find it doesn’t get used because of this, but each to their own.

What Colors is It Available In?

At the moment it is available in red, blue, purple, white, gray, rose, tan and grey/yellow. New colors seem to get added regularly, so always good to check out the options when you buy.

Any Storage?

air bassinet pockets Babyhome have very thoughtfully put pockets on the end of the bassinet, which is great for storing diapers, wipes etc.  Can you have too many storage options?



What Else Do You Get In The Box?

Apart from the bassinet itself, and the travel bag, you also get a envelope sheet which fits really nicely over the mattress, and the breathable pad for changing on.  You can also buy extra fitted sheets from BabyHome, as well as a waterproof mattress protector.

Anything Else You Should Know?air bassinet

The base of the bassinet is quite low, about 12″ off the ground, so you will need to bend over to get baby in and out.  You don’t have to be especially tall to manage, but it is something to take into account if you buy this crib.

How Big Is the Bassinet?

air bassinet dimensions

The Summary

The BabyHome Air Bassinet is a very well-made, thought out, piece of baby equipment, and is something to definitely consider putting on the  baby registry.  Once assembled you are unlikely to want to take it apart too often, so it is not likely to be used as a true travel crib.  However, for use around the home it will prove invaluable.  The changing mat seems like a good idea, but it doesn’t quite work.

If you want a quality bassinet for home, you can’t go too far wrong with this crib.

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