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Essential Guide: What to consider before buying a baby cot

New parents have a ton of options now for buying appropriate furniture for their baby. Baby cots are the most sought after furniture item for a newborn. These cots are specially designed to ensure that your baby has a safe sleeping space.

What is a baby cot?

Baby cots are special beds for babies to sleep in. These cots have high railings on all sides for your baby’s safety. Baby cots are bigger than bassinets and smaller than single beds. Manufacturers recommend these cots to be used for babies up to the age of 2 years. But some kids prefer to sleep in the baby cot for a little longer than that. Continue reading

Where Should Toddler Sleep When Traveling

toddler travel vacationTraveling can be a fun and relaxing activity, especially if the you and your family are going on vacation.

However, traveling with toddlers is a whole different scenario. Small children require a lot of attention, and this also applies for their sleeping patterns.

Whether the family is traveling or not, toddlers still need to nap during the day and get enough sleep at night.

A great trip with the small ones should always be mindful of their comfort and safety during sleep. Otherwise, the toddler will become cranky, and cry a lot, ruining the trip for everyone.

The sleeping arrangements will depend on the mode of travel to be used, as well as where the entire family will be staying during the trip.

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When can baby have a pillow?

I don’t baby girl no pillowknow about you, but I personally love a good pillow (or two) to help me sleep at night.  I hate sleeping flat, I find it very uncomfortable, and don’t get a good night’s sleep.

If you are like me, you may think you are denying your baby a better rest by not providing a pillow. Nevertheless, should you be giving baby a pillow?

No, you shouldn’t. 

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What Should Baby Wear to Bed?

baby sleeping tips

When choosing a baby’s attire or what he/she will wear, many factors need to be taken in to consideration.

Sometimes it’s just so hard to decide what to do for the best.  If this is a dilemma you are having, read on for some ideas to help you:


Things that you should consider as a parent are:

i) The fabric and texture of the clothing

This is to say that the clothing should feel soft on the baby’s skin and comfortable too. Continue reading

Transitioning Toddler From Crib To Bed

toddler sleepingHave you got to the time where you are thinking you need to move your toddler in to a bed?  Maybe he climbs out of his crib, or has just got too big.  Alternatively you may have another baby on the way, and need the crib for the next baby.  Whatever your reason, here are some helpful tips to assist you and your toddler with this milestone event. Continue reading