Essential Guide: What to consider before buying a baby cot

New parents have a ton of options now for buying appropriate furniture for their baby. Baby cots are the most sought after furniture item for a newborn. These cots are specially designed to ensure that your baby has a safe sleeping space.

What is a baby cot?

Baby cots are special beds for babies to sleep in. These cots have high railings on all sides for your baby’s safety. Baby cots are bigger than bassinets and smaller than single beds. Manufacturers recommend these cots to be used for babies up to the age of 2 years. But some kids prefer to sleep in the baby cot for a little longer than that.

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What to consider before buying a cot

As there are many designs and models of baby cots choosing the right one can be a difficult task for parents. While shopping for a baby cot it is important to keep the baby’s needs and safety as a priority. A few things that you should consider before buying a baby cot are

  1. Safety – Baby cots are generally safe for the baby as they have high side railings. Adjusting railings heights to suit is usually an option.
  2. Ease of use – Using a baby cot is easy as babies usually love having a separate space for themselves. You can add in a few soft toys in the cot for your baby to play with when he is awake. Some parents also install hanging toys from the railing to keep the baby entertained.

Some parents believe that co-sleeping is a good option for newborns. Others feel that a baby cot is not an essential item and prefer to buy a kid’s bed instead. As there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to parenting your newborn you should take your own decision.

The best way to decide whether buying a baby cot is a good idea or not is to weigh in its pros and cons.


  1. Secure Space – A baby cot helps to provide a safe and secure space for your baby. The safety side railings help to prevent falls and injuries from the cot.
  2. Undisturbed Sleep – Newborns need a sound sleep in the initial months to develop well. Having a baby cot in a quiet place in the home will ensure that your baby gets a good sleep without disturbance.
  3. Low Maintenance – Baby cots from good manufacturers are made of quality materials. The cots are easy to clean and help to provide a hygenic space for your baby. Most baby cots can be wiped down for cleaning and do not need special maintenance.
  4. Sturdy – Baby cots are sturdier than bassinets and cribs as they can handle a growing child. A baby cot will not tilt or lose balance even if the child stands, jumps, or rolls to one side. The sturdy built and balance of the baby cot helps to keep your child safe at all times.
  5. Long Use – Unlike other baby furniture and accessories a baby cot can be used for up to 3 years. Most parents prefer to store the baby cot for their future babies.


  1. Safety Guidelines – Some parents prefer to buy cheap or used baby furniture. Parents should check whether such baby cot follows the current safety guidelines.
  2. Extra Cost – Parents need to buy separate bedding and mattress for the baby cot. The mattress needs to fit snugly into the cot to avoid causing injury to the baby. The mattress should be firm and offer good support for the baby to wriggle about.
  3. Bulky – Baby cots are larger than bassinets and occupy more space. Parents should check the space in the room before buying a baby cot so that it fits well in the desired space.
  4. Teething Guards – Parents need to install special teething guards on the rails of the baby cots. This is because as the baby reaches the teething stage he will try to gnaw or chew on the rails.

Convertible cots – These cots can be converted to serve another purpose after the baby outgrows the cot. Some baby cots can be converted into a childs beds or a seat. This is a great design feature as babies outgrow things quickly. Convertible cots are usually designed with removable side railings. Once the baby outgrows the cot, you can remove the railings and convert it into a toddler bed. Some parents prefer to remove the railing from one side to turn the cot into a child’s sofa. Either way, the baby cot can be reused and changed to suit your needs. The main advantage of buying a convertible cot is that parents can change it to furnish their child’s room. There is no need to store the cot and buy a new bed.

Features to consider before buying a baby cot

  1. Size – It is important to buy the right sized baby cot so that your baby can use it for a long time. Most parents use baby cot until their child is 2 years old. Some kids prefer to sleep in the cot for a longer time as they become used to it. Before making your selection, ensure that the cot can accommodate your baby till the age of 3. Another important detail that parents need to consider is the placement of the baby cot. It is a good idea to measure the space where you want to have the baby cot in the room. Buy a cot that fits well into that space.
  2. Assembly – New parents often find it difficult to assemble baby furniture by themselves. When shopping for a baby cot, look for simple designs so that the assembly can be an easy task. It is important to not get carried away by intricate designs and models.
  3. Teething strips & rails – Baby’s safety should always be a top priority when looking for baby cots. Choose cots that meet the required safety standards. Parents should install special teething strips on the cot’s rails. The teething strips help to protect the baby from injury if they start gnawing or chewing on the wood. Parents should also look for baby cots that have adequately spaced railings.
  4. Wheels & casters – Baby cots that have wheels at the bottom are often preferred by parents. This is because the cot can then be moved according to their need. Baby cots with sturdy caster wheels are ideal for safety.
  5. Portability – Baby cots often need to be stored away after some time as the child will outgrow them. Some parents give away or sell their baby cot while others prefer to store it for future use. Avoid buying a baby cot that is too heavy as it will be difficult to store or transport it.

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