Graco Pack N Play Playard Review

graco pack n play

If you are looking for only one big purchase for your baby this time round (except for possibly the stroller), you may want to consider the Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard Bassinet Changer Snuggle Suite LX Baby Bouncer.

This item contains so much stuff that you can use from newborn up to toddler, it has to be given a mention.

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What does it do?

Glad you asked.  It is a portable pack n play playard that also includes a bassinet, a portable seat that becomes a bouncer, and also a changing station.  That’s a lot all in one place, so if this is something that interests you, keep reading.

How do I use it for my newborn?

Firstly, it has a bassinet insert, so it’s great for baby to sleep in right from day one, and it’s suitable until your baby weighs 15lb.  There is also a changing station which can be used up until baby weighs 30lbs, so this will get used as well.  There is a handy clip on bag for keeping all the diapers, wipes and other paraphernalia needed.

And for my infant?

There is a portable infant seat that can be used either in the playard, or removed and taken around the house.  This means you can keep baby near you wherever you go.   When he is a bit bigger you can use the seat as a bouncer.  The seat is suitable for babies up to 18lbs.

Another cool feature of the seat is that it has a canopy that can be clipped on.  This allows you to protect baby from the light.

You can of course still use the changing table, plus the playard as a cot.

When he’s a toddler?

Again, you can still use the changing table as long as he’s under 30lb. Plus you have the playard which can be used until he is 35” tall – after that he may be able to climb out!

Check out this video from Graco showing how versatile this pack n play is.

Is it safe?

As with all things for your baby, you need to use them as directed.  The infant seat has a 3 point harness to keep baby safe.  When using the changing table make sure you are in attendance at all times.  There is a fabric surround, around the wipeable changing mat, to help keep your child from rolling off, but you need to be there, just in case.

The mesh fabric of the playard allows baby to breathe, when sleeping in the playard, and also in the bassinet.

The playard is very sturdy, just don’t let your toddler in it once he is big enough to climb out, as it could topple over at this time.

Follow the safe sleeping guidelines at all times to keep your baby safe.

Is it easy to assemble?

As with all things, some people struggle with assembling this for the first time, others find it a breeze.  There are instructions enclosed, but the pictures are a little small and it is not always that easy.  It will really depend on how handy you are.  a word of advice, don’t try and set it all up on your own if you’re heavily pregnant.

Is it portable?

The playard actually comes with wheels on one end of the frame, so you can wheel the whole playard around if you wish.  However, you will struggle to get it through a standard door, as it is quite wide at 28.5”. It does however only take a couple of button presses to fold it down to be able to move it to another room very easily.

The portable seat/bouncer detaches from the playard very easily and can be moved from room to room as required.

Does the seat vibrate or soothe baby?

Yes it does.  There is a gentle 2 speed vibration which helps soothe baby to go to sleep. There is also  soothing music and nature sounds that may help your baby settle as well.

Is it washable?

The changing mat is fully wipeable as you would expect.  You can clean the fabric with household soap and warm water and then drip dry.  Do not use bleach. The carry bag can be machine washed in lukewarm water.

Any other cool features?

There is a 3 pocket organizer attached to the end of the playard, to hold all the bits and pieces you may need.  There is also a check in light, so you easily check in on your baby at night, without putting a big light on.

Fabric, this Graco playard comes in a few different, stylish fabrics, and this one here is called ‘Abbington’.  It’s good to see a playard that isn’t in baby colors.  This one  will co-ordinate nicely in the main rooms in the house.  All the Graco Pack N Play’s come in nice feeling fabrics, no cheap fabrics used here.

Anything that isn’t so cool?

It’s big and heavy, weighing in at 34.5lbs.

Also be careful about using the seat when baby is too young, because when baby isn’t lying flat he can get scrunched up.  Make sure he can hold his head up and doesn’t struggle to breathe when in this.

Who is it good for?

This is a great product for Grandparents to keep at their house for when baby comes to stay.  I would also recommend it if you’re short of space in your house, and need to make the most of all the add-ons that sit on the playard.  Having the changing table on top of the playard can save quite a bit of space in the nursery.

This also works well to keep by your bed when baby is little, so he sleeps by your side.  You can also change him in the night as well, without having to move too far.  I don’t know about you, but at 3am I want to keep it as quick and simple as possible!

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