Koo-di Sleep & Sun Pop up Travel Bassinet Review

Do you have a young baby and need something lightweight, easily portable and comfortable for your baby to rest in at home, out and about and while traveling?

If so then this is the bassinet for you. 

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How light and portable is the Bassinet?

This handy travel bassinet is the perfect sleeping solution for your baby both at home and when on holiday or visiting family and friends. It is easy to assemble, and ideal for travel weighing at 1.8 pounds with its own carry bag for transportation. The great thing about this bassinet is that it is easily portable, which means you can move it from room to room, depending on where you want to be. It is also ideal for travel, helping you keep an eye on your baby while on holiday and away overnight.

How easy is it to set up/use?

The Koo-di Sleep & Sun Pop up Travel Bassinet is extremely quick and easy to assemble and it has several metal rods to help it keep its shape. When being set up it can be customized to have the full bassinet or without the side or top canopy. It can be easily folded up into a compact size and stored in its travel bag when not in use.

Is it comfortable for my baby?

The bassinet is made of 100% poly cotton with metal rods to keep its shape and make it extremely sturdy. It comes with a removable padded mattress for comfort and an integrated zip-up mosquito net and blackout blind so that parents can block out light to help their child sleep comfortably inside the bassinet. The dimensions for the bassinet are: 31.5 x 19.7 x 22.8 inches, so your baby will have ample room to lie down and even room to move as they start to learn how to sit up. Designed for use at home, on holiday or for staying away overnight, this bassinet offers a safe, comfortable and clean place for your baby to sleep wherever you are.

Where can I take it?

The Koo-di travel bassinet can be used at home, visiting family and friends, while on holiday, at hotels, picnics, camping, the beach and all your outdoor travels. It can easily be folded down into its carry bag and taken on planes as hand luggage or fitted in your suitcase, making it great for both short and long trips.

What age is it suitable for?

The Travel Bassinet is suitable for newborns up to approximately 6 months old, or until your baby can sit up.

How safe is it?

The Koo-di travel bassinet is made of 100% poly cotton and supported by metal rods, making the bassinet very sturdy. Several safety features are included to protect your baby;

  • An integrated zip-up mosquito net
  • Blackout blinds which protect babies from 93% of all UVA and UVB rays
  • A bassinet level to support younger babies
  • Two mesh sides for ventilation and to keep an eye on your baby

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Is it washable?

The Koo-di bassinet is easily separated into its parts for cleaning. Once separated from the metal rods and padded mattress the fabric can be turned inside out and machine washed.

How long will it last?

The travel bassinet will last until your baby learns to sit up and move around, which is when they grow out of bassinets and should be moved to a crib. However the bassinet itself will last a long time and could be used for a second or third baby.

While the bassinet will last a long time, accidents and wear and tear does happen. Luckily replacement parts such as spare rods and mattresses can be ordered and easily affixed to the bassinet.

Other Features and specifications:

  • Product dimensions: 31.5 x 19.7 x 22.8 inches
  • Made from 100% Poly Cotton
  • Removable canopy
  • Weighs 1.8 pounds
  • Features two mesh sides for ventilation
  • Integrated mosquito net
  • Comes with its own carry bag
  • Has integrated sun blinds which block out 93% of UVA & UVB rays
  • Comes with padded removable mattress
  • Features a bassinet level for younger babies

Are there any cons?

  • A downside of a bassinets is that it they only last 6 months as your baby will outgrow them fast.
  • Some babies don’t settle well in a bassinet, but this is different for every baby.

For these reasons you may feel that the cost of buying a bassinet is too much for the amount of time you’re actually going to be using it.


The Koo-di Sleep & Sun Pop up Travel bassinet is the ideal choice for parents who enjoy taking their baby out with them and want and easy, portable and comfortable means of transporting their baby, whether outdoors or indoors.

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