Phil and Teds Travel Crib Review

Having a baby means more to carry when you are traveling. With a baby in one hand and a baby bag in another hand, it’s difficult to bring anything else along, let alone a baby crib. However, that won’t be the case with the Phil & Ted Portable Traveller Crib. It’s so light and small that you hardly know you have it with you, and you don’t even need a spare hand to carry it!

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What is Phil & Ted Portable Traveller Crib?

If you need a lightweight, durable, and compact traveller crib that can make traveling so much easier for you and your baby, then you might want to give Phil & Ted Portable Traveller Crib a look. The unit is fully collapsible and can be packed in a flash, making it an ideal travel companion.

The product is best for parents who want to have a portable crib at home due to the lack of extra space. It’s also a great choice for families who want to take their babies with them  on a trip to the beach or camping to the mountain.

How Easy is the Crib to Use?

First-time users might find setting up Phil and Ted Travel Crib to be a little bit challenging. Even with the help of the manual, the process is not as easy as it seems. The black and white images in the manual are small and difficult to read, not to mention that the layout of the manual is also not user-friendly.

Figuring out which image goes with which text can be tiresome, and takes time. But once you’ve done it, you can repeat the process with less effort.  You will assemble and re-assemble the crib many times during its usage.  It won’t be long, and you’ll soon become an expert who can do it in a breeze.

The updated 2015 version of the crib has been re-designed, making it easier to assemble compared to the older model.

Another potential difficulty that users might face is the placement of the sheets. This crib is designed with the mattress sliding into the compartment beneath the crib, and not inside it. One possible setting is to lay the sheet inside the crib.

How Portable is the Crib?

In terms of portability, this crib might be one of the best ones available on the market. Phil and Teds Travel Crib easily beats many of the alternatives out there for size. What other cribs can be folded up to an impossibly small size of 27 x 10 x 8 inches?. You can slip a folded crib (or two) into any traveling bag or suitcase easily without taking up too much of space.

At only 7 lbs, it’s also very lightweight. It’s so small and lightweight that you can carry it as hand luggage during flights. You can also carry the crib around easily using the compact carry bag that comes with the shoulder strap. Hands-free.

Is the Crib Comfortable Enough for Your Baby?

The crib is mostly made of nylon, making it soft and comfortable enough for your baby to play and sleep in. This Phil and Teds Traveller’s crib also comes with mesh on the sides. Not only will the design allow you to see inside the crib, but it will also give your baby a good airflow. All you need is to take a quick peek to find out what your baby is up to.  It’s so easy to monitor your baby while you are doing other important tasks.

Also, the thermally insulated mattress will provide long lasting warmth for your little one. The crib also comes with side flaps that can be opened or closed according to your need. Most children will have fun with the flaps, as it provides them with access to crawl in and out of their crib easily.

What is the Age Range for the Crib?

If you don’t feel comfortable spending your hard-earned money on something that can only be used for a short period, you don’t have to worry about spending it on Phil & Ted Traveller Crib. You can start using the crib from the day your baby is born until they are three years old. The product is durable and strong enough to support your child’s weight during his/her growth. It will also last long enough that you can pass it down to the next born siblings or your next nieces and nephews.

How Safe is the Crib?

Safety of babies is paramount, and as your baby sleeps for a lot of hours, you have to be confident in the crib they sleep in.

Phil & Ted Traveller Crib is built with safety in mind. Once you properly set up the crib, the structure will be solid and stable. You don’t have to worry about toppling over the crib while your baby is inside.

Always remember to follow the safe sleep guidelines with your baby, so you can sleep safely as well.

For outdoor use, for example when you go out camping with your family, you can secure the crib to the ground using stakes, just like a tent. That way you can always be sure that your baby is safe.

If that isn’t enough to cast your worries away, the product design is globally safety certified (in 50 countries).

What Other Features does Phil & Ted Traveller Crib Offer?

Other than all the features mentioned above, the crib also comes with one 100% cotton sheet that will give your baby extra comfort. For outdoor usage, you can add a UV mesh top cover for sun protection. The top cover is available for purchase separately.

The crib comes in silver or black.


If you’ve been looking for a portable and lightweight travel crib that doesn’t sacrifice safety and comfort, then you might want to consider Phil & Ted Traveller Crib. Not only is it safety certified to standards in over 50 countries, it can be assembled easily and fast, while being built with safe and comfortable materials. While first-time users might stumble a bit in the assembling process, it will only get easier with time.

The bottom line is, the product is perfect for parents who love to travel with their babies. The portability alone will beat other alternatives easily. And while there are other cribs designed to be a more permanent solution, Phil & Ted Traveller Crib is also a solid product for long term home usage.

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