Should You Take A Vacation With A Newborn?

newborn vacation

Some babies are born at vacation time, and the question is – should we go, or miss out this year and stay home?

Everyone is different, but as long as you are fit and healthy, and feel up to it, it is something I recommend.  The memories and photos you will have, even though your baby won’t remember, will stay with you for life.

Just plan your vacation well, and you should have a great time, and fond memories to look back on, or to show your baby when she is older.

Car Travel

This is pretty easy with a newborn.  You’ll find they’ll sleep most of the time, even on very long journeys. Then so as long as you plan regular stops for changing and feeding it should go well.  It is also easy to load up the car with all the baby essentials.  Make sure the baby seat is installed correctly, as many times this is not done, and you need do this.

Plane Travelbaby car seat

This will all depend on what facilities the aircraft or airline have.  Long haul and international flights often have cots that you can book in advance, but don’t take this for granted.  Also make sure that you check in early enough, and all the family get seated together.  I can’t think of anything worse than being separated from everyone on a long haul flight. I don’t want to have to deal with baby all on my own!

When You Are At Your Destination

In some ways newborns are easier than toddlers and older children.  Babies sleep most of the time, and are content in a comfy stroller.  Most times they’ll sleep, or be entertained by the view.  Until babies start moving they will enjoy being seated, looking around and taking it all in.

Plan your activities around feed times, and you can get a lot done on vacation.  If you are breastfeeding that cuts down on needing bottles, steriliser, and formula, and makes it a lot easier when you are out.  Even if your baby is on bottles, you can usually find someone who can warm it up for you.

Babies are Easier To Take Out

When they are babies, they are happy to go wherever you go, shopping is fine, or even to a Museum.  When children get older you end up taking them to beaches or playgrounds to keep them amused, and you spend less time doing what you want!  Take advantage of this, and plan accordingly.

Babies are Cheaper

Most times babies fly for free, and you can usually have them for free in your hotel room, so the cost of going on vacation with a newborn isn’t often much more than you would pay pre-baby.  Again, make the most of this, as children get steadily more expensive.  Generally by age 2 you have to pay for them on flights, and by aged 12 they are a full adult fare.

Restaurants Are Generally Easy

When children get older, restaurants can be quite stressful to go to, however, with a newborn they are happy in the stroller, watching the activities going on around them, or even sleeping.  No need to worry about whether they’ll eat the kid’s meal, or sit still while waiting to be served.

I have some great memories of taking my babies away when they were very little, so if the opportunity arises, go for it.  It’s nice to get out of the house and experience the world.

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