Packing Checklist For Vacationing With Baby

baby beachIf you are heading off on vacation for the first time since having your baby, you may well be overwhelmed with what you need to take.  Don’t be concerned, we have compiled a list of essential things you need to take with you.


Depending on where you are heading off to, you will need either warm or cooler clothes.    Babies find it much harder to regulate their temperature compared to adults, so layered clothing works well.  You may need to add or remove clothing as you move from inside to outside.

baby booties

If there are laundry facilities where you are going, you will not need too many outfits.  However, if you are unsure about washing facilities, budget on taking two outfits for each day.

Don’t forget coats and booties to keep feet warm if needed.


Again, you will need a broad brimmed hat to keep the sun off baby’s face if you are heading to the sun.  If you are going to a cooler location don’t forget to pack a woolie hat, as babies lose a lot of heat from their head.

Food and Drink


If you are breastfeeding you may want to take a scarf or shawl with you, so you can have a bit more privacy if you are surrounded by people.  If you also express don’t forget the pump, bottles and sterilising kit.

Bottle Feedingbaby bottle

Bottles and spare teats are a must, as well as the sterilizer, bottle warmer and formula.  If you’re not sure if you can buy the same brand where you’re going, you may want to take enough for the whole trip.  Make up enough formula for the trip, or take readymade to get you through the journey.


If your baby is a bit older, and is already on to solids, take plenty of ready made or homemade meals with you, whatever you generally use.  Take extra, as you don’t want to run out.


For the journey you may want to take some healthy snacks, in case you get delayed, or mealtimes don’t work with the schedule.  Raisins are a good option, as are bread sticks and fruit bars.

Bibs, Plates, Spoons

Lastly remember to take the baby plate, spoons and a few bibs to last your vacation.  Don’t forget the wipes and a plastic bag or two for dirty items whilst traveling.

Baby Travel Equipment

Car Seat

A good quality, secure car seat is an essential for both the car and plane, to keep baby safe.  It can also be very handy as a seat when you have arrived.

Strollebaby carrierr/Pushchair

If you are planning a lot of out in the country walking, an all-terrain buggy will be best.  For cities or limited space, take the collapsible stroller.

Baby Sling/Carrier

If your baby is still small enough to fit in one, a baby sling or carrier is great to take on vacation.  It gives you free hands to get through airports or other busy places.

For Night-time

Travel Crib

Unless the accommodation you are staying is providing a cot, a travel crib is a great item to take away with you.  Not only does your baby have somewhere to sleep, but they also double up as a playard to keep baby safe.


Pack a few pairs of nightwear of pyjamas for the little one, and make sure he will be warm enough over night.

Baby Monitor

For those times you are out on the balcony, a baby monitor is invaluable.  Peace of mind that baby is sleeping is always good.

bath ducksToiletries

Takes baby’s toiletries with you, the shampoo, lotion etc and don’t forget the nail scissors, which always seems to be needed when they are not to hand!


Take some blankets and sheets from home so baby can be comfortable and kept warm enough.  If you use a sleeping bag at home, make sure to pack that too.

Travel Bath Plug

To turn any sink in to a bath for baby, take a universal plug.  This fits over any plughole to stop the water disappearing.

Other Essentials For Baby


baby diapers

Unless you are going somewhere that you are confident will be able to buy diapers, take lots.  Don’t forget the rash cream, diaper bags and wipes, this something you don’t want to run out of.  A travel changing mat is always a good investment as well, as it rolls up quite small and can be used anywhere.

Swim Diapers

If you are going to be swimming, buy swim diapers.  These are not always available when you are away, so good to take a supply with you.


If your baby uses a pacifier, make sure you take plenty of spares.

teddySpecial Toys

Any special blankets or teddies from home will help baby to settle when away from home.  If he is a bit older you might want to take some toys to be played with as well.

Night light

If you are getting up in the night to change or feed, a plug-in night light will be invaluable.  Often hotels have a big light only.  Also useful if you are sharing a room with your baby.

First Aid Kit

Make sure you take all the basic first aid items including band-aids and cotton wool.


Don’t let your baby out in the sun if you can help it, and when they are bit older make sure you get some good sunscreen for him.  At least SPH15, and I would recommend getting a sunscreen specifically for children.

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