What Should Baby Wear to Bed?

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When choosing a baby’s attire or what he/she will wear, many factors need to be taken in to consideration.

Sometimes it’s just so hard to decide what to do for the best.  If this is a dilemma you are having, read on for some ideas to help you:


Things that you should consider as a parent are:

i) The fabric and texture of the clothing

This is to say that the clothing should feel soft on the baby’s skin and comfortable too.

ii) The weather

Choose weather appropriate clothing. You do not want baby overheat and sweat too much by overdressing him. Similarly, when it is cold, you do not want to under-dress baby and expose him to getting sick.

iii) Functionality

Decide what activities baby will engage in. Is baby’s outfit best for sleeping, playing or just relaxing indoors?

iv) Size – baby’s clothes should fit well.

They should not be too tight or too loose. Tight clothes can make baby uncomfortable as they tend to irritate and inhibit easy movement. They can also strangle the baby especially if the neckline is too small. Instead, clothes that have adjustable elastic for fasteners or that can easily stretch should be given preference.

Taking these factors into consideration, you will find that making the choice on what baby should wear will be pretty easy. Additionally, when dressing baby for sleep or nap time, check the temperature in the room.

So what should baby wear in bed?

The following guide will help you.

Dress your baby following this guide which lists from hot to cold temperatures.

1) Diaper –  When the temperature is at 84F degrees and above, the baby should just wear a diaper. When he sleeps, make sure to regularly check on the diaper to ensure baby is clean and comfortable.

2) Short-sleeved onesie  –  When the temperature in the baby’s room is 80 degrees. you can combine the onesie and the diaper

3) Sleeping bag – For temperatures that are within the range of 75-80 degrees, add a sleeping bag. Most sleeping bags are sleeveless. This will add an extra layer of warmth to the baby.

4) Long-sleeved onesie  As the temperature drops, the baby should wear a long-sleeved onesie to keep the little hands warm. Then top this up with the sleeping bag.baby_sleeping_onesie

5) Pajamas  These are best suited for cold nights as they cover the whole body. Some have little gloves that you can unfold and cover the baby’s hands as they tend to get cold very easily. The feet are also well covered and protected from the cold.

6) Socks, mittens and caps  When it is extremely cold, it is best to dress the baby by layering. Include the onesie, pajamas and sleeping bag. Since the baby might still not be warm enough, consider adding in a pair of socks, well-fitting mittens and a cap.

7) Swaddling blanket –  For newborns, you can use a light swaddling blanket. Choose a light fabric that is warm and breathable. When swaddling the baby, leave the head and the face uncovered. If you think the baby’s head might be cold, you can throw in a beanie or a small baby cap. Use the proper techniques to wrap up your baby well.


As you prepare your baby to go to bed, their bedding should also be considered. Remove heavy comforters or blankets, as these items are reported to be the number one cause of Sudden Infant Deaths (SIDS). This is most common with children under one year. Baby’s clothes should be fitting. Clothes that are baggy, loose or have straps or tassels can also pose a threat to baby.

After baby falls asleep, it is good to check on them frequently but do not wake them up if it is unnecessary.

If you suspect that they might be cold, touch your baby’s belly or feet. Does he feel a bit cold?  Then add another piece of clothing to warm them enough.

If he’s hot, and sweating it’s a sure sign that they are heating up. Make sure to remove one or a few items of their clothing.

What baby wears to bed can determine how well they will sleep and for how long. Your sixth sense will guide you as well. Over time you will get more experienced at this, and will know exactly the right amount of clothing needed for your precious baby.

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