Where Should Toddler Sleep When Traveling

toddler travel vacationTraveling can be a fun and relaxing activity, especially if the you and your family are going on vacation.

However, traveling with toddlers is a whole different scenario. Small children require a lot of attention, and this also applies for their sleeping patterns.

Whether the family is traveling or not, toddlers still need to nap during the day and get enough sleep at night.

A great trip with the small ones should always be mindful of their comfort and safety during sleep. Otherwise, the toddler will become cranky, and cry a lot, ruining the trip for everyone.

The sleeping arrangements will depend on the mode of travel to be used, as well as where the entire family will be staying during the trip.

1. Traveling by air

Traveling using a plane with a toddler can seem very daunting at first. Parents often worry about long flights, delays at the airport, cancellations, and so on. You can make the experience bearable and even comfortable for the child by doing several things. Firstly, try and plan to travel around the baby’s nap time, so that she sleeps throughout the flight.  If you have booked a seat for your toddler on the plane, consider taking a car seat with you, they can work really well in the aeroplane seat.  Make sure that whatever car seat you take, it will fit on the plane seat, and that it is approved for use by the FAA (there will be a sticker on the seat).

If you are traveling long distance, you may be able to get the seat with the baby crib, check your flight for details.

2. Traveling by car

This is much easier than traveling by air because it is less hectic, and the amount of movement from one area to another is limited. That being said, the baby still needs to be comfortable and warm, plus safe from any sudden movements.

A good car seat is very snug for baby, and she should sleep well and be comfortable. More importantly, this means that the toddler will not be moved too much while driving on rough terrain. Traveling by car also allows you to carry a pack and play because it can fit inside the trunk.

3. Staying at the hotel

Traveling with a toddler involves more than just commuting from one location to another. You also have to think about where the child will sleep at night. Hotels are good options especially for those chains that provide parents with a crib in the hotel room. This way, you don’t have to worry about bringing a pack and play or an air mattress with you. It is important to always call in advance and find out if the hotel does this. If not, you should also be open to the idea of sharing their bed with the toddler. This might be uncomfortable for the adults, but the baby will sleep very comfortably.

4. Staying in a stand-alone house

Even better than hotel rooms, holiday apartments are found in many hotels and resorts, and are there to suit the needs of the entire family. A family apartment is very likely to have a separate bed for a baby to sleep in, meaning that parents can sleep in their own bed. You may also consider booking a house that has an extra bedroom for the toddler. This is great for parents whose babies are used to sleeping in their own bedroom.

Always take the specials toys with you that can help the toddler fall asleep with little fuss.


Many parents wonder where toddlers should sleep during travel, and the above suggestions should cover all the convenient options. It is also wise to remember that even after all the preparation, circumstances may still change.

For example, the hotel might have indicated that a crib is provided, only for the parents to find that they have a pack and play instead. It is important to be prepared to help the toddler adjust in case of such a change. Also, whatever sleeping arrangements are available, the most important thing is to make sure that the toddler’s sleep quality is not affected, and then you can all have a good time.

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